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Special equipment design and manufacture Two modules of mold processing

Liming Machinery

Strength Precipitation

Brand PowerStarted computer control technology in 1992

Stable performance Strong anti-interference ability and high temperature resistance Self-contained anti-moisture acid and alkali measures, smooth operation, partial package wiring...

Technical StrengthOver the years, the company has insisted on science and technology

Professionals in the mold making industry Advanced machining center Specialized equipment such as mold engraving machine, CNC wire cutting, EDM machine...

Professional TeamUp to hundreds of elite teams meet the customer's non-standard customization needs

Has extensive experience in the FRP equipment industrySenior technical talentteam setDevelopment, design, manufacture, installationSpecializing in the production of FRP pultrusion equipment High-quality workforce of several scientific and technical personnel and technicians

After Sales ServiceProfessional star service team to solve your after-sales problem

Professional star service team Free of chargeOne-to-oneProduct solution demand service manyAfter-sales service outlets,Multiple vehiclesService vehicles solve product problems for you in time Free service hotline,3 packsservice
Excellent technology of dawn machinery Excellent quality Lifelong service

Wendeng Liming Machinery Factory is a collection development, design, manufacturing, specializing in the production of glass steel installation and integration of the pultrusion equipment, winding machine, FRP pultrusion machine, FRP pultruded mold, glass steel anchor device and other equipment manufacturers.Over the years the company adhere to the science and technology, a large number of machinery has at present, mold manufacturing industry professionals, and the processing center...[see more]

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